Hangout with Michelle McKinney Hammond

Ready to achieve your goals and make them a reality? Join us for a talk on setting and achieving goals by creating small habits for success! Learn how to break down your goals into actionable steps and create daily habits that will help you reach your objectives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to start living your best life! Register for your free ticket:

Time Management

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and never getting things done? Join me for this FREE summit and learn how to create a structure that allows you to consistently and habitually complete your tasks, while still having time to relax. In just one session, you'll leave with a plan you can use THIS WEEK to get things done and do what you want and need to do! Don't miss out, register now and take control of your productivity!

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Overcome Stress and Achieve Your Goals

Join us for an empowering talk on how to overcome stress and achieve success in college and beyond. You will get practical strategies and insights on how to thrive despite overwhelming stress. 

Thriving Through Anxiety and Depression


Join us for an inspiring talk on how to overcome anxiety and depression and thrive in college. We will share practical strategies and insights on how to manage these mental health challenges and achieve success.

Weekly Bible Study

Are you a single woman looking for contentment, community, and encouragement? Join us for a weekly, in-person Bible study where we will "Learn the Secret to Contentment" and share how believers can find peace and joy in life right now.
5:45pm at Lula's on Pamplico Highway in Florence.

Monthly Online Bible Study

Attention all single women seeking to deepen your spiritual journey and find contentment in life!
This study is specifically designed for single women who may feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied with their current circumstances. You can have the peace and joy you desire, even if you don't have everything in life that you want.
Join us the first Saturday of every month at 2pm Eastern.
You will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and be part of a supportive community that encourages one another on this journey.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to deepen your faith and learn how to find contentment in Christ!
Get the Zoom Link here: