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College Success During Covid-19

Are you freaking out because your classes have suddenly gone online? Here are some FREE hacks and tips to help you crush it - even if you've never taken an online class!

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Study Smart Toolkit

This 3-step process will have you crushing it on your very next test.  This is Prof. Dittman's signature study method that has helped thousands of students - including her!

Hack Pack 1

Hack Pack 1 gives you training videos and checklists to help you Crush it During Your Group Project

Hack Pack 2

Hack Pack 2 shows you how to Stay on Top of your hustle: school, work, social life.  Don't get behind in your grind!

Hack Pack 3

Get ready to Crush it During Final Exams and Stay Sane.  This is where you'll learn what to do (specifically!) to be prepared before and during finals!

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Struggling with procrastination?  Here are 10 productivity hacks that will help you overcome procrastination so you can get s**t done!

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