Worst New Year’s Eve EVER!


Sometimes It’s Better to be Alone!

By Mary R. Dittman, M.B.A.


I love New Year’s!  Even though the holiday season is not my favorite time of year, I absolutely love the New Year.  I’m a planner and a goal-setter, so the idea of a fresh start and the opportunity to dream and plan for the next 12 months is very exciting to me.

I’ve had wonderful dates, romantic interludes, and disasters on New Year’s Eve. 

My worst New Year’s Eve was my first holiday with the man I was deeply in love with and hoped to marry. 

We traveled to Charleston, South Carolina with his best friend and the friend’s date. 

My guy and his friend spent most of New Year’s Eve day drinking, so by the time we found a bar to watch the big game in, they were both very drunk. 

And my guy about got us kicked out twice because he was so obnoxious: screaming and cursing and even yelling at his friend. 

When the game ended (and we were “asked” to leave), we went to one of my favorite spots for a late dessert.  This is when my guy’s friend decided to leave, stranding his date with us. 

She was upset, my guy was upset, and at one point, I was left sitting alone at the table while the three of them were outside acting out their drama. 

As I sat there enjoying the only pleasant thing about the evening (a triple chocolate layer cake), I wished I was at home enjoying my One-Derful New Year’s Eve tradition that I had forgone to spend the time with Dr. Douchebag.  

I had to help him get back to the hotel as he was literally in a blackout.  He passed out with his clothes on. 

The next morning, I got up early and went to the hotel gym to workout.  He was feeling terrible, and I had to drive us back home because he was too hungover to drive.  Worst. New Year’s. Ever.

Having a date or spending the evening with a man you’re crazy about isn’t always what you dream it will be.

Over the years, I have created a One-Derful New Year’s Eve tradition that I prefer over any party, date, or event.  Even if the suggestions don’t resonate with you, you can create your own New Year’s Eve that will be One-Derful and that will help you feel peaceful, happy, and excited about the year to come.

I’ll share my One-Derful New Year’s Eve traditions in the next post, but a big part of my ritual includes journaling. 

I’ve kept a journal since college, and I normally journal every morning, although I will write more often if I’m experiencing something in my life that I need to reflect upon or process. 

If you don’t journal, maybe this is a good time to start.  I love being able to look back on past journal entries to see how far I’ve come, how I handled situations in the past, or even where I stayed or ate during a vacation.

You can get yourself a fancy, pretty journal, or a simple one - look at discount stores, book stores, or even dollar stores! Or, use a spiral notebook!

The media makes it seem as though “everybody else is out having fun” while you’re sitting at home alone.  But that is not what most Americans report for their New Year’s Eve.

And, as I shared, you can be out on the town with your beloved and feel alone, unappreciated, and invisible.

To me, the One-Derful Life is when I feel peaceful and content WHILE I’m single - even if I’m not happy ABOUT my singleness!

The holidays can also amplify a broken heart, so if you’re struggling to recover from heartbreak, check this out.

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