3 Ways You're Devaluing Yourself in Relationships


How You're Keeping Yourself Single and Unhappy

By Mary R. Dittman, M.B.A.

I just wanted him to love me.  But he didn’t.

My mother asked me what I wanted in the relationship and all I could come up with was, I want him to love me. 

I had no concept about what I wanted from a relationship or how I wanted to feel in my own life.  I just wanted a man to love me.  I wanted to get married and have a family. 

But I hadn’t clarified what I was willing to accept and unwilling to accept in a man and in a relationship.  It seemed that the only qualification necessary to date me was that a man act like he might eventually love me.  That was enough for me to hang in there.

That’s how I burned up years on relationships where I was devalued, taken for granted, and left feeling like I’d been used.

In one relationship, I tolerated a man going on and on about his ex-girlfriend and thought it was a compliment when he told me he felt like he...

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3 Things You'd Better Be "Picky" About When Dating


But Only If You want a Good Relationship

By Mary R. Dittman, M.B.A.


If you’re single and you’re over 40, you’ve probably been asked if (or told that) you’re too picky.

Like, you shouldn’t have any standards.  After all, you’re over 40 - you need to be more accepting because nobody’s perfect.

I find it interesting that when you go to the grocery store, you examine the produce because you don’t want to pick the tomatoes that are squished, or the apples that are bruised, or the lemons that are mildewy. 

But, God forbid that you have standards for a relationship!

I was dating a guy and learned that he had been divorced 4 times and had declared personal bankruptcy twice.  I told one of my friends I was going to dump him, and her response was that I was too focused on money.

OK - broke in your 20’s, starting out with nothing and building something together is romantic. 

Bankrupt in your 40’s with 4...

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3 Reasons Why He Left YOU for HER


And How to Stop Obsessing About It

By Mary R. Dittman, M.B.A.


Have you even wondered why “he” chose “her”? 

This wondering may show up in two scenarios:

(a) you wonder why that man (guy you know, celebrity, athlete) chose the woman he’s with; or,

(b) you wonder why the man you wanted (or were with) chose someone else.

Let’s focus on Scenario B today: “your” guy chose her instead of you.

I was dating someone once, and right after we broke up, he started seeing someone who had a less-than-sterling reputation.

To the outsider, it’s clear that his interesting choice had nothing to do with me and everything to do with his own character.

But when you’re inside the scenario, it’s normal to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

I think there are two issues here:

  1. He doesn’t want to be with you
  2. He does want to be with her

They may be correlated, but not causal.  That’s fancy...

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3 Reasons Why I Finally Left

Why I Broke Things Off - And Maybe You Should, Too

By Mary R. Dittman, M.B.A.


 How do you know when it’s time to end things?

How can you know if you’re doing the right thing? 

At the right time? 

What will the consequences be? 

When you’ve been with someone for years, you feel comfortable.  Even if the relationship doesn’t feel quite right, or isn’t what you really want.

I’ve ended a lot of relationships, but this one was tough. 

I broke up with my old website.  Sure, I took my domain name, but I left the old platform, website, and even 3 years worth of blog posts. 

It’s scary being out here all alone with my new site.  I’ve had to start over.  I can’t refer back to old articles. 

I know - you want to hear about leaving a REAL relationship.  I got you - my One-Derful tips will apply to your situation! 

1.  I was settling

I’ve always prided...

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